All coffins, caskets and containers used for burials and ashes must be completely biodegradable. Cardboard, permitted woods, wicker and willow are all widely available.

Information can be found through the Natural Death Centre, internet sites and funeral directors. How burials and services are conducted is a purely personal issue. To date we have found funeral directors to be very knowledgeable and sympathetic in respect of each family’s specific needs. If required, and with sufficient notice, a marquee can be used to accommodate our inclement weather!

Northumbrian Woodland Burials provide grave construction, tree provision, internment and maintenance thereafter. If you would like to visit the site please contact us to make an appointment. This is obviously to accommodate any burials or events taking place to ensure privacy, and also, due to its unobtrusive nature the burial area can be hard to locate without assistance

We want any visitors to fully appreciate the site therefore we ask that any children or pets are adequately supervised during visits to protect the area, wildlife, livestock, themselves and others.

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