Burial of Ashes at Bockenfield Wood

Option 1 Adopt a tree

Any tree in the site can be adopted except in the burial ground or in Merlin Wood. There are vast array to choose from Oak’s, Ash, Rowan, Pines, Cherry. The selection is up to you and we will help bury or scatter ashes as requested. No record is kept by us about this adoption of a tree and it is up to the purchaser to make good recognising there tree by some kind of marker. We can supply A4 headstones to help out with identification or there are lots of options of tree markers or Bracelets bird feeders etc to aid identification.

Option 2 Plant a tree.

Similar to option one except a new tree is planted at an available location. This gives the option of actually putting the ashes in amongst the roots of the tree as planting takes place. Any indigenous tree can be chosen and bulbs etc. planted in the vicinity. There are of course risks with this as Mr hare and Mr Deer are very partial to new young trees and it strongly recommended to use tree guards as well.

Option 3 Merlin Wood existing trees

Named after the iconic engine that powered Spitfire and hurricane aircraft, Merlin Wood was planted out with a mixed Northumbrian selection of native trees. The wood extends to 1.6 acres (.68Ha) and the trees have flourished in this short time. The land was used by the spitfire pilots during the war as they preferred to land on grass as it was more forgiven than the tarmac. It was also closer to where their aircraft were parked to the west of the wood. The tarmac tie down areas are still present to day and are used for storage of farming materials. Some of the oaks are 20 feet high and the Mountain Ash are strewn with red berries in the autumn. Wild Cherry (Gean) give an impressive show of blossom in the spring and of course the deep reds and browns in autumn confirm the true beauty of a traditional wood. The area is lightly grazed by our sheep two or three times a year, but the grass is getting less and less as an overhead canopy restricts the light down onto the surface. Grazing by the sheep is the best way to control the growth as they take away the foliage as they gently fertilise the area. Eventually there will be no need to graze this area once the forest floor is fully established. The wood and trees in it are now available as natural memorials for people wanting to bury ashes here. We also keep a record of the tree chosen in our register and issue a certificate of the adoption of the tree.

Burial of ashes in a tradition grave.

By purchasing a single grave in the wood ashes can be buried instead of a burial.

For all prices, please refer to our prices page

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